Amatriciana Pasta Sauce - Serves 2 - 3

Amatriciana Pasta Sauce - Serves 2 - 3

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The Amatriciana Pasta Sauce Pouch - 400g pack, perfect for 2-3 people.

Cooking Instructions

1. Cut open top corner of pouch, place sauce into a medium size saucepan. 

2. Gently heat oven a medium heat whilst stirring for 3 minutes, or until gently bubbling.

3. Serve with al dente pasta.

Amatriciana Sauce 

The cooks from the small town of Amatrice in central Italy will tell you the secret to a perfect Amatriciana sauce is in the right blend of ingredients with high notes of tomato, cured bacon and cheese. 

It is one of those traditional meals, memorable in its simplicity. We've perfected an Amatriciana sauce that would make those cooks proud, using the best Australian ingredients including ripened tomatoes and locally sourced bacon. All you have to do is toss it through your choice of our pasta.